With this great group on the Snowy River

Welcome to my website
On these pages you will find examples of my photographic and artistic work. Most of these images were collected on various outdoor travel adventures over the last two decades.

On the job
The larger part of my work and recreation time is spent in the outdoors. Most of my inspiration is drawn from nature, and our human interaction with our natural environment. I have been active in the outdoors for the best part of three decades and trace my love of exploring back to when I was a kid growing up in the outback wonderland that was Central Australia in the early sixties.

I began collecting images when I was given my first serious camera in 1980. Much of my activity at that time involved back country skiing (Nordic/XCD) so there is a large alpine/high country representation in my landscape collection. Using 35mm cameras, in 2003 I switched to digital and love it. Some of my later work utilize the photo merge technology to create stunning panoramas.

Being a so-called outdoor "expert" has led me into the field of providing technical and artistic illustrations for various publications, books and magazines. Occasionally I've been quite prolific producing cartoon strips and the odd piece of "fine" art. These pieces I see as an extension of my photography; developing patterns and textures with my favorite media - colored pencils.

In the field
I became a ski instructor in 1987, chiefly so I could live in the snowfields. Today I have the privilege of working with, and introducing many young people to the outdoors, as students, trainee guides and teachers. Climbing, skiing, bush walking, paddling, peddling; the outdoors provide endless opportunities to do, learn and grow.

Latest news and adventures
In 2010 I moved from north east of Melbourne, to the Goldfields area north west of Melbourne. Working my way clockwise around Melbourne, in 2015 I relocated to Geelong.
During the year I also visited the UK and undertook some rewarding work trips, including offtrack walks in the Grampians and nine days paddling on the Snowy River.
A selection of my photos are always on display at Fragas Cafe in Marysville, northeast of Melbourne.

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