Outback & Stones
Vivid images of the Australian outback and the rocky coastline. Much of Australia is of rocks and stones. Images included of the MacDonnell and Flinders Ranges, to the Otway coast.

Sturt Desert peas, near Arkaroola, South Australia
Chewings Range at sunset, from Mount Giles. MacDonnell Ranges National Park, NT
Sunrise from Mount Kooyoora, Victoria

Sand ripples, Cape Howe, Victoria/NSW border
Wilkawallina Creek, Flinders Ranges National Park, South Australia
Wilkawallina Gorge, Flinders Ranges National Park, South Australia

Interesting grotto in the Otway coast, Victoria
Otway rock texture, Victoria
Imbedded. Limestone feature in the rugged Otway coast, Victoria

Rock shelf detail, Parker River, Otways National Park, Victoria
Intense color in Milton Park Gorge, West MacDonnell National Park, NT
Riverbed detail, Chambers Gorge, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Rock detail, Grampians/Gariwerd National Park, Victoria
Rock detail 2, Grampians/Gariwerd National Park, Victoria
Rock pattern, Barrarunna Gorge, Northern Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Ruffy Road, Strathbogie Ranges, Victoria
Imbedded salvo of rocks, Otway coastline, Victoria
Rock detail, Otway coastline, Victoria

Interesting pattern, Otway coastline, Victoria
Morning mist in the Grampians, Grampians/Gariwerd National Park, Victoria

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